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We aim to provide eco-friendly wardrobes for women for work and away, while staying in vogue.

    Our Story

    When even one does their part, the planet feels the difference.

    With this simple thought, Ewoke was born. We are driven with a purpose to make women feel empowered while making our planet a more beautiful place every day.

    We work with sharp, empowering silhouettes which are designed to complement different body shapes and sizes. Each thoughtfully incorporates surface ornamentation and high tailoring standards. We are obsessed with high quality, classy statement pieces, those that we love to flaunt ourselves too.

    As we work towards making you and the planet a little more beautiful, we want to share our journey with you. We also look for ideas, feedback and inspirations from every corner, so if you have a small act of love to share, please ping us on our social channels or the website.


    “I have been plagued with eco-anxiety for the longest time and as someone from the fashion industry, it only felt right to act on the impact our industry has on our planet and our society. Our efforts at Ewoke are a work in progress but it will always be you and us together making an impact to this beautiful planet of ours.”


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