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We aim to provide eco-friendly wardrobes for women for work and away, while staying in vogue.


    We Are Committed To Inspire Ownership By Creating Ways For A Conscious Lifestyle


    All our fabrics are thoughtfully chosen to create a positive impact on the planet. They are either biodegradable or can be recycled. Our trims are by-products of natural materials. This ensures a closed loop between our natural resources and products. Each of our partner vendors is certified by globally accredited organizations for their products and processes such as sourcing of the raw material and dyeing.

    Natural And Sustainable Fabrics

    10% of the world’s total carbon footprint comes from the apparel industry. These facts reassured us that we are taking the right path. It takes more time and consideration to use sustainable fabrics, but we see this as time well spent. Especially when it helps lower our impact on the planet.

    Our zero-waste hero. TENCELTM creates durable, and easy-to-wear fibre from sustainably sourced wood pulp.

    It saves water, uses less land and grows quickly. Hemp is here to help.

    From bottles to hoodies, and sweats. Plastic, petroleum-based products get a new  life without cluttering landfills.

    Wear and Care

    • Don’t wash your clothes too often. Remove stains manually, and air the clothes to freshen up after each use.
    • Lower the temperature when machine washing. Dropping 60°C to 30°C, or warm to cold, saves a lot of half the energy.
    • Natural drying is energy free. By hang drying your laundry you save energy, and your clothes will stay in shape and even last longer too.
    • Professional cleaning – when recommended – is crucial to maintain the quality of your product and can extend its lifespan.
    • Donate or recycle your clothes to continue to spread the love!

    Consciously Yours

    We are a movement of people who believe that looking good and doing good go hand in hand.  We strive to create beautifully crafted pieces using sustainable fabrics and processes.

    It isn’t a far-fetched dream; it just asks for collective ownership. While we promise to do our bit, all we ask for is some love. We are on a constant vigil for better and cleaner fabrics. If you know of any, we would love to hear more about it!

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